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Lord Xue Ying – Season 02

Mili Pictures
22 episodes · TV Ongoing 雪鹰领主之奇遇篇

The second season of “Lord Xue Ying”

Dong Bolie eloped with Mo Yangyu and gave birth to two sons: Dongbo Xueying and Dongbo Qingshi. The family lived in Xueyingling, Qinghe County. When Xueying was eight years old, when he was exposed to Tibet, his uncle Mo Yangchen came to arrest Dong Bolie and Mo Yangyu, and imprisoned them in the Moyang family. In order to save his parents, Xueying practiced marksmanship hard, got to know Yu Jingqiu, and became a meteor knight. However, because his younger brother Qingshi accidentally killed the boy, Xiang Pangyun, the killer of the bloodblade tavern and dragon mountain leader, was chased. Xue Ying and Xiang Pangyun chase and fight to Heifengyuan…

Transcend The Gods: The Black Troop Ⅱ The Arrival of Deities

26 episodes · TV Ongoing 雄兵连之诸天降临

“Xiong Soldier Company” series is the first 3D war science fiction animation work in China. “Xiong Soldier Company II: The Fall of the Heavens” is the latest sequel to the series. It describes the sci-fi wars between various galaxies in the Shenhe universe. The story of an army composed of super genetic heirs, the Hero Company, who fought bravely against the enemy when the earth faced an alien invasion. This series of animations presents an epic-level animation masterpiece for the audience and fans through a huge and complete world view.