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During the Wu Zhou period, Wu Zetian’s imperial examination system severely hindered the interests of the traditional aristocrats. They were prepared to prevent Wu Zetian from ascending the throne. The…

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The Rise of the Weak

Set in the futuristic world, humans are facing a crisis like never before as immortal cultivators continue to invade their homes. Teenager Wu Ran, notoriously known as a loser, almost…

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Supreme Lord of Galaxy Season 02

The second season of Xinghe Zhizun.

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Lord of The Ancient God Grave [ Temporary ]

On this day, Lin Feng was gathering his martial soul in the Lin Mansion. He didn’t want to. He had just cultivated the sword martial soul into a rudimentary form….

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Swallowed Star

On the Earth, a catastrophe triggered the variation of all kinds of species. The superior survived and the inferior were extinct. Under this circumstance, Luo Feng inherited from the owner…

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Leveling up in a Fantasy World

When he opened his eyes, he was actually in a different world, bound by a silly system, telling him that dominating the world was no longer a dream! And such…

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I Picked Up Lots of Attributes

The game strategy, known as the liver Emperor, takes the protagonist Fengxia through a world of cultivating immortals with declining aura. Relying on the attributes and abilities brought by the…

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Watt’s Up, Girl?

Liang Xigua is a poor young man struggling to make a living in the cracks of the city. One day, his old refrigerator, which had been with him for many…

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Transcend The Gods: The Black Troop 3

3rd season of Transcend The Gods: The Black Troop 2nd season- Transcend The Gods: The Black Troop Ⅱ The Arrival of Deities

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The Daily Life Of The Immortal King

As a cultivation genius who has achieved a new realm every two years since he was a year old, Wang Ling is a near-invincible existence with prowess far beyond his…

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