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Qi Refining for 3000 Years

At the age of seventeen, Bai already reached level ten of the Qi Refining stage, just about to breakthrough. What a genius! Three thousand years later, Bai has already reached…

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Fatal Rule

Qiao Jingting, having unexpectedly enter the abyss game to avoid enslavement, forms an alliance with the vengeful veteran player Shu Ai and the mysterious youth Bai Er against the evil…

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Fabulous Beasts

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Sword Quest

My master asks me to go down the mountain to the secular world. To fulfill his last wish, I get married and live with my wife’s family as an appendage….

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The Great Ruler (temporary)

In the boundless universe, clans and lords from numerous planes live and assemble. The Heavenly Sovereigns appear one by one from the Lower Planes, displaying a legend that others would…

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Supreme Lord of Galaxy Season 02

The second season of Xinghe Zhizun.

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Agate is a demon girl cursed with an eternal life. To forget the past, she throws half of her head into a deep valley and runs away. Unexpectedly, the tears…

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Ten Thousand Worlds [ Temporary ]

When Lin Feng awakened his King-Level Sword Martial Soul, his fiancée, Ji Man Yao, seized his Martial Soul, which almost killed him. But this aroused his Phoenix Bloodline, making him…

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Forty Millenniums of Cultivation

Li Yao, a genius craftsman, has been unable to break through the bottleneck due to the low development of his psychic powers, and then he obtained 40,000 years of cultivation…

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Transcend The Gods: The Black Troop 4

4th season of Transcend The Gods: The Black Troop 2nd season- Transcend The Gods: The Black Troop Ⅱ The Arrival of Deities 3rd Season- Transcend The Gods: The Black Troop…

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