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Summer 2022

A World Worth Protecting

Shanghai Foch Film Culture Investment
16 episodes · TV Ongoing 三寸人间

In the fantastic future world with rich spiritual energy, the enthusiastic and cheerful little fatty Wang Baole saw through the illusion created by the teachers in the entrance examination of the famous”Mischievous Taoist Academy”, who won high scores with his outstanding performance, and obtained the special quota of “Magic Soldier Department”. Later, he overcome obstacles and opened up his own way of growing. In the process of cultivating immortals and fighting monsters, he made a large number of close friends, and thus started a series of hilarious adventure stories.

Battle Through the Heavens Season 5

Motion Magic
52 episodes · TV Ongoing 斗破苍穹 年番

After three years-agreement, Xiao Yan finally met Xun Er at Jia Nan Academy. After that, he made close friends and established Pan’s Gate. The qi-refining tower swallows the fallen heart flame…

Battle Through the Heavens Season 5 [ Temporary ]

Motion Magic
104 episodes · TV Ongoing 斗破苍穹 年番

After a three-year contract, Xiao Yan finally met Xuan’er at Jianan Academy, after which he made close friends and founded Pan Sect; In order to continue to improve his strength and take revenge on the Yunlan Sect for his father, he went deep into the Heaven Burning Qi Refining Tower to devour the Fallen Heart Yan with his personal risk…

Battle Through The Heavens: The Origin

Motion Magic, Shanghai Foch Film and TV Culture Investment
3 episodes · TV Ongoing 斗破苍穹:缘起

A talented young man became a waste and was ostracized by his family, and his fiancée came to the door to break off the marriage in public;
Xiao Yan made a three-year agreement and shocked the audience with a bold statement:
“30 Years of the West River, 30 Years of the East River, never bully someone casually! ”
With the help of Mr. Yao Lao, the legendary counterattack was opened by this fallen genius!

Dragon Raja

Dragon Raja

17 episodes · TV Ongoing 龙族

A letter from Kassel college broke the calm life of the youth. The unexpected admission notice, the frightened interview, the surprise rescue under the full view of the public, and the day of freedom to display their heroic spirit. When Lu Mingfei decided to choose the hidden option, the ordinary youth embarked on the legendary road of fighting against the dragon race.

Fairy Mountain

17 episodes · TV Ongoing 山海绝伦

The Immortality Mountain Sect is a super advanced civilization since ancient times. After a united kingdom was founded during East Sea Warring States Period, the King Feng sought to replace the Central Plains Kingdom and became the king of the entire land. He deliberated a war to conquer the Gaolai Kingdom to attack the Central Plains, while secretly searching for the legendary Immortality Mountain Sect for the essence of ancient civilization in order to obtain the secret of immortality…

Heavenly Martial God

Ruo Hong Culture
48 episodes · TV Ongoing 仙武苍穹

There were many dynasties on the Yongxian Continent. In order to strengthen the body and prolong life, the people here always keep the traditions of fellow Xianwu practitioners. Once practitioners reach the pinnacle of martial arts, they will ask about Xiandao. The young Wu Yu, who suffered misfortune at a young age, changed his name and last name, and still perished, but he was unexpectedly reborn into his youth. Predicting that the family would fall, in order to protect his family and relatives, Su Yu decided to work hard and practice the Xianmen secret method he learned in his previous life.

It Starts With A Mountain

Qiyuan Yinghua
12 episodes · TV Ongoing 开局一座山

Starting with a mountain fort with just his general and his squire, he will build it into a mighty fortress. A man was transmigrated into a war-torn world, in charge of a gang that was about to break up. In this kill-or-be-killed era, will he be a mountain bandit, content with robbing money, food, and girls to live an easy life? Or will he be more ambitious, set out to take on the world’s heroes, and build a legendary legacy? It’s time to ask the question: Men, do you have the courage?

Jade Dynasty

Cloud Art
52 episodes · ONA Ongoing 诛仙

Zhang Xiaofan, who was tragically orphaned overnight, was accepted as a disciple by Qingyunmen. After five years of hard training, he excelled in the martial arts of the Seven Vessels of the Mastermen. Senior sister Lu Xueqi was in danger and met Baguio, the woman who rescued the demon sect. At the same time, new dangers were also waiting for him.

Love Between Fairy and Devil

Garden Culture
38 episodes · TV Ongoing 苍兰诀

The ancient demon, Dongfang Qingcang, who has been suppressed for a thousand years, comes back to the three worlds and starts a war between immortals and demons the moment he is reborn. In order to get out, the demon lord swaps souls with the immortal Lan Hua, who has difficulty controlling her magic power and accidentally kills her immortal body. In desperation, the two embarked on a journey to find a new body. Along the way, the two experienced all sorts of things, fighting and joking, and Lan Hua started to develop feelings for Dongfang Qingcang, but little does she know that all this time, Dongfang QingCang only used her as a tool to resurrect the ancient god of war Chi Di, and under the calm a larger conspiracy is also quietly carried out ……

Master of the Star Spring

48 episodes · TV Ongoing 星源之主

Su Jiu accidentally gained the power of “Star Spring” and became the master of it. For this, he set out for a cultivation journey with a fun and extraordinary experience.

Millenniums Of Warring States

Oriental Creative Color
16 episodes · ONA Completed 战国千年

Ji Qing, the anchor of Gaowan, took the plug-in “Shaohao Bone” to travel through the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. However, the trajectory of history deviates, Jing Ke succeeded in stabbing Qin in Xianyang Palace, the seven kingdoms rose together, and the Warring States lasted for a thousand years. Heroes and Ren Yong coexist with hundreds of science and technology, and family loyalty and heroes are upholding. Let’s see Ji Qing, the immortal, who left Yongcheng, entered the school palace, and used Jiuli’s capital to roam the chaotic world.

Shanghai Melody

HM Heros
8 episodes · TV Ongoing 上海故事

The story revolves around an ordinary Shanghai family. Feifei Han, who has devoted herself to the advertising industry, encountered a career crisis in her first year. At the same time, her parents are increasingly pressuring her to get married. Under the double attack, Feifei’s life fell into a mess. Whenever Feifei fell into confusion, his father Dongliang Han would show up to encourage his daughter. In the intertwined memories, Feifei realizes the love and teachings of her father Dongliang. In the end, with the encouragement of family and friends, Feifei gets rid of her confusion and continues on with new vigor.


12 episodes · TV Ongoing 黑门

The story begins in Baiyang City, Hebei Province, China, in 2056. The advance in technology enables humans to enter their own brains for exploration. Inside the human brain, scientists have discovered a “brain universe” even more complicated than the actual universe. Meanwhile, a seemingly ordinary bus accident has involved people from multiple forces. During the investigation, unexpected incidents happen one after another. The crisis behind this unusual accident goes beyond everyone’s imagination. While exploring where the limits are, humans fail to realize that once again, they are standing on the crossroads of evolution. This is the beginning of an eventful and historic era.

The Land of Miracles

CG Year
45 episodes · TV Ongoing 神澜奇域无双珠

This story revolves around two teenagers of different identities and different cultural backgrounds – Fa Hua and Lan Ge, whom because of a magic weapon “Only Pearl” were connected together to save humanity. The two teenagers have a symbiotic relationship because of the artifact, which makes the two teenagers with very different personalities need to go through a variety of tests together, with that, the relationship between the two see subtle changes, and they began to understand each other, and gradually the two became as close as siblings. The two teenagers continue to cooperate with each other, trying to find out more mysteries of the “Only Pearl.” But the mysterious power behind the two teenagers also slowly reach out to the two teenagers. In a matchmaking event, the sky devil clan – Tianmo Yeming disguised as a mysterious beauty and said her purpose here is to claim the “Only Pearl.” The two teenagers are guided by the Grand Commander and decide to set out on the road to revenge, but at this time they must quickly train themselves and both enter the mysterious cultivation with the help of the Pearl. Can they take up the heavy responsibility to fight the upcoming attack of the demons, and can protect the artefact “Only Pearl?”

The Young Brewmaster’s Adventure

CG Year
20 episodes · TV Completed 少年白马醉春风

The story happened 20 years before the story of “great journey of teenager”. At that time, Baili Dongjun, who became the number one in the world, was the only grandson who was loved by thousands of people in the Houfu of Zhenxi. Although he has a father who is outstanding in kung fu and a mother who is the daughter of the head of the Wen family, he is not good at martial arts and prefers wine. After ten years, he will be able to brew the best wine. In the end, he stole a title deed from his home and traveled hundreds of miles to open a wine shop in Chaisang City. But a long street is already full of evil stars. Only he is really a young boy who is serious about making wine. Because of this, he was inexplicably involved in the dispute between the two major families. On the way, he accidentally met the wanderer Sikong Changfeng, who had no father and no mother, and the burning ink son Lei Mengzai, who came from Tianqi City, because he was grateful to each other. He decided to help Lei Mengsha rescue his good brother, Gu Jianmen, the son of Lingyun who was trapped in his house… This is an era of young talents, and no other era can surpass it. Xie Xuan, who later became Confucian Sword Immortal, Yan Zhantian, who became Angry Sword Immortal, Luo Qingyang, who became Lone Sword Immortal, etc., were all still unknown at this time. They were waiting for the day when they met each other, and then they became famous all over the world.

War God System! I’m Counting On You!

Chongzhuo Animation
16 episodes · TV Ongoing 靠你啦!战神系统

It’s a cultivation story. One with immortal gods and cultivation arts. But more importantly, it’s the story of a boy named An Lin, a mortal who was heavily in debt and was pursued by loan sharks before meeting his savior, a True God. Saved from the loan sharks, An Lin was sent to cultivate at the Immortal Cultivation United University, but it seems like he was trolled by the True God…? Is this really the life he was expecting? Wasn’t this just a regular cultivation story? What’s that? I might be a fake cultivator.

Xi Zitang Seizes the Whole Country Power

Aurora, Fengyun Animation
20 episodes · TV Ongoing 力拔山河兮子唐

This story tells of Prince Tang, son of Dongsheng who was born at an inopportune time when the country was about to fall. With his nanny living in the border town, the nanny has been raising the prince in peace, and hopes that he can take on the task of restoring the country, Zi tang Country’s surname and glory. In the blink of an eye, XiZitang was eight years old, and was sent to Chuiyun Mountain by his nanny to cultivate. After practicing for ten years, he finally broke through the martial world and stepped into the Immortal World with the Martial God Hammer left behind by his ancestors.

The Penglai crack and the freedom of the four continents made the continent peaceful. There are Immortal Practitioners on the four continents, and Xi Zitang is only a small part of it. Under the assessment of the Immortal List, he received the Immortal Cultivator’s certification.

But when setting foot in Da Tang, even the requirements for a courier were minimally Immortal Human.

Something’s wrong, how can this be good? After cultivating for ten years, how did Xi Zitang, who had just entered the arena, set off a bloody storm in the arena?