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Winter 2024

Fatal Rule

16 episodes · TV Ongoing 深渊游戏

Qiao Jingting, having unexpectedly enter the abyss game to avoid enslavement, forms an alliance with the vengeful veteran player Shu Ai and the mysterious youth Bai Er against the evil ruler Han Bin and his organization, Heart Moon Fox. After a life-and-death struggle, just when they believe they are about to achieve victory, they discover they have fallen into Han Bin’s trap, facing a desperate situation. Even more frightening is that with this failure, the trust among the three quickly collapses. In a critical moment, the arrival of the super expert and rough man Zou Yidao changes the power dynamics in the entire novice village and brings a glimmer of hope for escape to Qiao Jingting and his companions. Unfortunately, the trio soon realizes that Zou Yidao, who managed to escape the crisis, seems to lack a clear sense of good and evil compared to Han Bin and only cares about his own goals. Moreover, at this moment, he seems to have reached some kind of “deal” with Han Bin. In the increasing despair, Qiao Jingting and his companions keenly perceive the true nature hidden beneath Zou Yidao’s “playful” appearance, and through this, they sense the irreconcilable contradictions between Han Bin and Zou Yidao. Seizing the opportunity, they unite with Zou Yidao and ultimately defeat Han Bin. However, what Qiao Jingting and the others never expected is that just as they leave the novice village ready to showcase their abilities, they encounter a series of threats in the outside world far more formidable than those brought by the once powerful Han Bin, posing an unknown multiple of enormous crises.

Honor of Kings: Chapter of Glory

Cloud Art, Original Force
4 episodes · ONA Ongoing 王者荣耀:荣耀之章

On the vast continent, heroes break through obstacles and chase their dreams. What are heroes like? They go beyond themselves and try to be perfect; They carry burdens forward and understand the true meaning of love; They advocate power and never give up. We write biographies of heroes and start a new chapter of love and courage.

Lord of All Lords

Ruo Hong Culture
26 episodes · ONA Ongoing 圣祖

A teen named Luo Lie is picked by chance to travel to the Other World and live with someone else’s identity. Both major and minor separatist regimes are present in the Other World, danger lurking in every corner. With his determination and the mysterious ability obtained during the soul travel, the home-sicked Luo Lie overcomes numerous obstacles in the turbulent situation. He goes beyond his limits, turning himself into a well-known figure. However, being in a constantly precarious circumstance, cunning schemes are closing in on him. With the help of his childhood sweetheart, who put her life at risk for his sake, Luo Lie, who had no intention of becoming a hero, unexpectedly embarks on the path to becoming one. What awaits him ahead? Is it an irreversible abyss or the light at the end of the tunnel?

The Age of Cosmos Exploration

Foch Films
15 episodes · ONA Ongoing 大宇宙时代

Earth is in a devastating crisis due to the appearance of neutron star fragments. Black Star Squad, the special forces headed by Yao Yuan, takes on the mission to save the human future. They use Spacecraft Hope to take a large number of people away from Earth to explore a new planet in the universe. In their adventure and fights, they realize the existence of a more advanced cosmic civilization and the terrifying truth: universe is not a paradise, but an unknown realm full of darkness, dangers, death, and terrors.

The Proud Emperor of Eternity

Ruo Hong Culture
20 episodes · ONA Ongoing 万古狂帝

With the killing sword, on the beauty’s knees, a mad emperor reborned. Chu Kuangsheng lived in the remote town of Shiyang in the Shenlong Empire. He was the son of the head of the Chu family in Shiyang Town. Born weak and unable to train, he became the laughingstock of the entire town. Three years ago, Chu Kuangsheng’s parents went missing while on official duty, and the supposed successor to the head of the Chu family, his sister Chu Liu’er, fell ill suddenly. Since then, Chu Kuangsheng’s situation has become increasingly difficult. In an accident, Chu Kuangsheng inherited the ancestral technique of the Chu family, rebuilding his meridians. From then on, Chu Kuangsheng’s training progressed rapidly. Despite appearing weak and incompetent on the surface, he had another identity — the renowned Kuangzun in the martial world. Chu Kuangsheng discovered that the collusion of the family’s leader with outsiders seemed related to his parents’ disappearance. He used the identity of the Kuangzun to secretly make connections with heroes, accumulating strength and gathering information. With one face and two identities, after eliminating the corrupt individuals in his family, Chu Kuangsheng left the small town of Shiyang to investigate and trace the clues to his parents’ disappearance. Wielding his sword, cutting off the past, battling against heroes in the vast universe, Chu Kuangsheng’s name resonated across myriad domains — he was the master.

The Richest Man In Game

Foch Films
16 episodes · ONA Ongoing 亏成首富从游戏开始

Pei Qian is an ordinary worker, but an unintentional bound to the wealth conversion system gives him an opportunity to do business and live a different life. However, the rule is that he can get only one yuan for making a profit of 100, but keep all the funding for losing money. In order to lose money, Pei Qian chooses the high-risk and money-burning game industry, and deliberately designs some offbeat games that violate the law of the market. Unexpectedly, all his games are popular, earning him a lot of money. Sadly, Pei Qian has become an enviable talented businessman, but only he knows himself that he really wants tolose money.

The Secrets of Star Divine Arts

Ruo Hong Culture
13 episodes · ONA Ongoing 太古星神诀

Chen Xing, the parentless young lord of the Chen Clan in Dongyang City, was supposed to become the family lord when he reached adulthood, but fell into the tricks of Chen Sheng, the ambitious interim lord of this clan, who intended to take over the leadership. No one would thought that he, lucky survived from the holocaust, could accidentally obtain the long-lost supreme “Star Divine Arts”, and got enhanced after learning part of the moves. Later Chen Xing came back and revealed Chen Sheng’s hypocrisy and put him in the prison. Taking precautions, Chen Xing studied the “Star Divine Arts” meticulously while searching for the star beasts required to learn the art. He improved quickly. During this period, He saved Mu Qinglan, the daughter of the Black Sun Palace’s master, due to a star beast, and under her advice, he joined the Black Sun Palace after persistent obstacles. However, Chen Xing started a feud with Jian Feikong, the son of the Vice Master, as soon as he entered the palace.