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The Secrets of Star Divine Arts

Chen Xing, the parentless young lord of the Chen Clan in Dongyang City, was supposed to become the family lord when he reached adulthood, but fell into the tricks of…

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Zen Luo, who is now a menial slave, used to be a young master of a big family, owing to the decline of his family, his sister is imprisoned by…

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Agate is a demon girl cursed with an eternal life. To forget the past, she throws half of her head into a deep valley and runs away. Unexpectedly, the tears…

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Tales Of Dark River

Anhe, the most mysterious killer organization in the world, is composed of the three surnames Su, Xie, and Mu. Everyone was poisoned, and their lives were at stake. After learning…

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The Martial Weekly

The Huajian Sect, which was once famous in the martial arts world, is facing the disappearance of the head, a huge amount of money owed to the bankruptcy crisis. Acting…

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Xi Zitang Seizes the Whole Country Power

This story tells of Prince Tang, son of Dongsheng who was born at an inopportune time when the country was about to fall. With his nanny living in the border…

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Face on Lie

Han Yuxi, a girl who works alone in a big city, is kind and talented, but she suffers from outside malice because of her appearance. After experiencing multiple blows in…

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The Great Ruler

In the boundless universe, clans and lords from numerous planes live and assemble. The Heavenly Sovereigns appear one by one from the Lower Planes, displaying a legend that others would…

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The Demon Hunter

The story tells the story of the evil spirits in the Cangyuan world and the human race being devastated. The protagonist Meng Chuan made a vow to avenge his mother…

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