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Qi Refining for 3000 Years

At the age of seventeen, Bai already reached level ten of the Qi Refining stage, just about to breakthrough. What a genius! Three thousand years later, Bai has already reached…

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Zen Luo, who is now a menial slave, used to be a young master of a big family, owing to the decline of his family, his sister is imprisoned by…

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During the Wu Zhou period, Wu Zetian’s imperial examination system severely hindered the interests of the traditional aristocrats. They were prepared to prevent Wu Zetian from ascending the throne. The…

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Yuan Long [Carp Reborn] Season 03

Wang Sheng woke up in the modern world, everything was so real and dreamlike. Emergence of the imperial city, appearance of the young master of Family Dai confused the situation….

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The Land of Miracles

This story revolves around two teenagers of different identities and different cultural backgrounds – Fa Hua and Lan Ge, whom because of a magic weapon “Only Pearl” were connected together…

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A World Worth Protecting

In the fantastic future world with rich spiritual energy, the enthusiastic and cheerful little fatty Wang Baole saw through the illusion created by the teachers in the entrance examination of…

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Time Prisoner

In 2060, the world organization, in order to solve various supernatural crises, selected elite agents around the world to form the Wei Intelligence Bureau. The Bureau of Wei Intelligence also…

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The Infinitors

An affluent white-collar worker receives a mysterious invitation: “Would you like to know what life is about?” “Would you like to live your life fully?” It is sent into the…

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You’re A Genius

In an alternate world, there are two continents, the East Continent and the West Continent. In the snow-capped mountain areas in the north of the West Continent lives a mysterious…

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Battle Through The Heavens Season 04

Fourth season of Doupo Cangqiong.

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