Summer 2021

Against The Sky Supreme

60 episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing 逆天至尊

Deification of Spring and Autumn Period

Shanghai Lingxi Culture Technology Co. Ltd.
24 episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing 春秋封神

In the last year of the continent, demons are in troubled times. The mysterious young girl Shang carried the power of the blood of ancient sages to travel around in order to stabilize the world, but repeatedly fell into difficulties. Fortunately, a little bit of affection tied the young Han Ji with her tragic fate to her. The young man sacrificed his life to protect each other and embarked on a journey to find Taiyu Jiuding with her, and staged a touching fairy tale.

——–=======>>>>>>>>>>>>> OR <<<<<<<<<<<==========——-

At the end of the Western Zhou Dynasty, tyrant You who was bewitched by Baosi,would like to established deification altar for deification.In the meantime, the monsters were everywhere,and people were hard to live on. In order to stop the tyrant destorying the world, Ji Han followed his master’s order to kill the monster and help Zishang to wipe out the Western Zhou. Unexpectedly, Baosi was supported by ture immortal, so the deification altar was settle. The world was in a mess again….

Epic of Divinity Light

Shanghai Foch Film and TV Culture Investment
12 episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing 定海浮生录

Thousands of years ago, the land of China was filled with the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, and those who could exorcise this energy for their own use were exorcists, whose mission was to stop the once-in-a-millennium heavenly demons from plaguing the world. However, during the Han dynasty, the spiritual energy of heaven and earth disappeared overnight, which was known as the “silence of all laws”. In order to stop the conspiracy, Chen Xing, the last great exorcist in the world, took the treasure “Heart Lantern”, which had been deposited in his soul, and set out for Xiangyang to find the Dharma Guardian, the god of war, who was destined to work with him to exorcise the demon

I Annoyed Millions Of Cultivators

60 episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing 我气哭了百万修炼者

I Annoyed Millions of Cultivators tells the story of a Jiangbei student who fought valiantly at the subway station and was blessed by the system. Fortunately, he hosts the system and travels to another world. In this different world full of cultivators, Jiangbei had turned from a trash in a small town to a child genius in everyone’s eyes. Relying on the system, Jiangbei has started the road of improvement and become stronger just by playing System, and irritating people. After a series of chaos and poetry battles, Jiangbei gradually developed feelings for his relatives here. Jiangbei, his genius brother Jiangnan, and Wu Wang’s daughter, Hou Yanlan, join hands to fight against mysterious forces and endless evil spirits. As the story progresses, Jiangbei’s mysterious life experiences are gradually revealed, and the grievances and hatred of the previous generation continue to Jiangbei. Seventeen years ago, Jiang Wanguan was hunted by an enemy family. In desperation, he carried Jiangbei and Jiangnan who were still babies across the endless waters from the central continent to the northern continent where auras were rare, and their whereabouts were still a mystery to this day. With the arrival of a mysterious power, the old seal will be broken, destroying the quiet life. Jiangbei emerged from battle after battle, saw the origin of the mysterious power, and solved the crisis. The earth-shaking battle severed the “unparalleled connection between the world and the earth”. The geniuses of the central continent came to the northern continent with the help of the teleportation formation. In order to protect the peace of the continent, Jiangbei faced the geniuses of the central continent, showing their strength, forcing them one by one. After teleportation is gone, space and time are blocked again, and the world is isolated. After learning that his mother was not dead, Jiangbei was imprisoned by the Ten Thousand Demonic Sect of the Starfall Continent for nearly two decades, determined to cross the mysterious and vast endless sea, to the central continent of this world, and set foot on the path to save his mother. A glorious journey.

Supreme God Emperor Season 02

Ruo Hong Culture
128 episodes · ONA Ongoing 无上神帝 第2季

Supreme God Emperor 2nd Season..

The Chronicle Of the Heroic Knight

Zhongce Picture
20 episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing 游侠战纪

“The Chronicle of the Heroic Knight” is adapted from the novel “Nightwalker: Twenty Years of Peaceful Demons”, which tells the story of an aspiring young man Hou Mo who, in an accident, stimulates the potential ability of his genes in his body and becomes a warrior from a city villain to help the strong and the weak. He overcomes his own shortcomings, crosses himself, and gradually grows into a responsible and committed new youth. With a group of partners who also have special talents, “Rogue Alliance”, he fights with the evil organization “Ferryman” and fulfills his righteous mission as a member of the Rogue Alliance. As a science fiction and adventure anime with urban characteristics, “Ranger Warriors” takes urban life as its background and genetic science fiction as its focus, exploring the mysteries of unknown science and promoting the positive meaning that ordinary people can become extraordinary through hard work. The main character Hou Mo, in the face of his own fate and the oppression of external forces, is always upward, always hope, always adheres to the choice of justice. This film conveys to us a new spirit of the times that is not afraid to fight against fate, to seek up and down, to be strong and brave.

The Defective

Coastline Animation Studio
16 episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing 残次品·放逐星空

In the Era of the New Stellar Standard Calendar, the Interstellar League established the “Eden” system to free people from pain and troubles. However, 1% of the people in the eight major galaxies still cannot access the “Garden of Eden”. They were exiled to the eighth Galaxy and reduced to “The Defective.” At that time, the Commander League Lin Jingheng was framed by others and moved to the eighth galaxy. Afterwards, the League was overthrown and the pirates were rampant, and the two had to lead the “The Defective” on an interstellar adventure and uncover layers of mystery

The Gerent Saga: Prologue

Bandai Namco Pictures
12 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 搜玄录之宸灵纪

For almost a millennium, the mainland of Lingzhou was ruled by an emperor and protected by eight princes. However, after the enthronement of the ninth emperor, a revolt ensued.

Several heroes will then have a role to play in this chaotic situation.

The Island of Siliang

Year Young Culture
15 episodes · ONA Ongoing 眷思量

It is about the oriental dream of a godly boy and a mortal girl on an otherworldly fairy island.

The Lord of Rogue Devil

60 episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing 狂神魔尊

The Lord of Rogue Devil, the Emperor of the Northern Heaven, was besieged by all the dao and lost the battle. Lin Xiaoxiao, the main character, was seriously injured in a fight and fell into a coma, and accidentally obtained the reincarnation. Lin Xiaoxiao in the eastern continent, martial arts declined, few refiners, Lin Xiaoxiao in the dream following the Northern Heavenly Emperor to see and practice some martial arts techniques and techniques of refinement have basically been lost. In particular, Lin Xiaoxiao’s eastern continent of Xia, everyone is caught up in the struggle for power, calculating each other, each other assassination. Lin Xiao’s mother, Su Yiran, was assassinated at the time of delivery, and the difficult delivery resulted in Lin Xiao’s incomplete congenital bones, which doomed him to no achievement in martial arts. The young playboy woke up from a dream, holding the power of reversing the heaven and earth, so naturally he has to take revenge and find more trouble if he doesn’t have any. From the dream world back to the real world, Lin Xiaoxiao gradually became the nightmare of the entire Xuanjing City. Lin Xiaoxiao in the turbulent situation of the capital city step by step, confront the hidden forces, to protect the four-sided marquis and the entire Daxia dynasty is in the midst of the storm. In the process, Lin Xiaoxiao wanders in the identity of the divine emperor and the young master of the marquis, meeting a crisis and constantly discovering the forgotten truth of the world. Fortunately, the kind-hearted Lin Xiaoxiao befriends a truly excellent and trustworthy partner in the chaotic world and eventually succeeds in finding himself. Lin Xiaoxiao finally completed the transformation from the first waste of Xuanjing to the navigator, opened the channel of the divine world, and led his partners to save the continent with great difficulty, and this teenager finally grew into a respected top martial artist and art refiner in this world

The Westward Season 03

20 episodes · OVA Ongoing 西行纪 第3季

Wu Geng Ji Season 4

Sparkly Key Animation Studio
42 episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing 武庚纪 第4季

The fourth season of Wu Geng Ji.

Yuan Long [Carp Reborn] Season 02

CG Year
16 episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing 元龙 第二季