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Summer 2023


Unity of Knowledge and Action Animation
15 episodes · TV Ongoing 无脑魔女

Agate is a demon girl cursed with an eternal life. To forget the past, she throws half of her head into a deep valley and runs away. Unexpectedly, the tears flood the valley floor and form into a lake, triggering a flood in hell. Aloys, the Prince of Ghost comes to the Human World to find out the truth and finally finds the demon girl, starting a story of life and love.

Immortality Season 02

Oriental Creative Color
12 episodes · ONA Ongoing 永生 第二季

In the majestic fantasy world, how does the protagonist Fang Han traverse the world with his own strength. Relying on an unyielding stubbornness to break through the mysteries of supernatural powers, and forge the physical body into an immortal body. There are endless novel magic weapons, and the brand-new prosperity of the Three Realms of Immortals, Demons and Fans will be opened by the protagonist in turn. It will take you to experience the fantasy demeanor of the immortal sect, demons, gods, kings and emperors. The protagonist will also experience the love and hatred in the world, the entanglement of grievances and resentments, and the disputes between immortals and demons. Finally lead you on the road to the top king.

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Oh!My Goddess

Xanthus Media
18 episodes · ONA Ongoing 我的灵异女友

Yao Ling and Hu Xiaozhen, who parted ways due to a misunderstanding in childhood, reunited in the academy after they grew up. The infatuated female protagonist hopes to continue writing a sweet journey with the male protagonist, but due to the appearance of the mysterious administrator, Ma Shen, "accidents" occur frequently. Under the lure of Ma Shen's plan, the two became acting administrators and they help spirits to realize their long-cherished dreams, in order to continue their progress in love. Through the experience of missions again and again, the relationship between Hu and Yao becomes deeper and deeper, and they are moving towards the road of righteousness. But the true purpose of Ma Shen gradually implicates the operating laws behind the world, and more mysteries, and dangers lie between the hero and heroine.

Shrouding the Heavens

Original Force
53 episodes · ONA Ongoing 遮天

There once a group of teenagers who held an after graduation’s reunion. Their fate changed when they accidentally found an ancient bronze coffin which was said to contain the bodies of 9 great dragons. They all suddenly transported from earth to another unknown planet. In order to survive and return to earth, they must cultivate on that mysterious planet. Will they succeed or will they effort be in vain?

Soul Land 2: The Peerless Tang Clan

Sparkly Key Animation Studio
52 episodes · ONA Ongoing 斗罗大陆Ⅱ绝世唐门

The Tang Sect in a turbulent world. There is nothing but martial spirit here. Ten thousand years after the founding of the Tang Sect, it is in relative decline. An extremely talented man was born. Can the new Shrek Seven Monsters revive the Tang Sect and bring it back to glory? A soul beast of over one million years old; Electrolux who can pick
stars; The new soul utensil system that led to the decline of the
Tang Sect… A lot of secrets are to be revealed. Can the secret weapons of the Tang Sect be sharp again? Can the Tang Sect regain its former glory?

Soul of Light

Wonder Cat Animation
13 episodes · TV Ongoing 真阳武神

Set during the prosperous period of the Great Qian Dynasty in the Spring and Autumn era, the series delves into a realm of political turmoil and hidden agendas. The protagonist, Hong Yi, is a young scholar who questions the existing order and embarks on a treacherous journey of self-discovery. Born into a powerful family yet treated as an outcast, Hong Yi defies his circumstances and rises above oppression to become a legendary figure. With a combination of relentless determination and martial prowess, he faces formidable enemies and unravels the secrets of his lineage.

The Demon Hunter

Cangyuan Picture, Tianshi Wenhua
26 episodes · TV Ongoing 沧元图

The story tells the story of the evil spirits in the Cangyuan world and the human race being devastated. The protagonist Meng Chuan made a vow to avenge his mother since he was a child. Resolute sword skills, punishing evil , destroying monsters, climbing to the top of the Four Daoyuan, becoming famous in Dongning Mansion, worshiping Yuanchu Mountain, and becoming a generation of gods and demons.

The Galaxy Emperor

Xiaoming Taiji
52 episodes · ONA Ongoing 盖世帝尊

A worthless youth with the title of ‘sleeping god’ had unlocked an outlandish martial arts from a blessing in disguise. From then on, a genius with incomparable strength, crushes the heavens and the earth, and split the stars with his sword, all other geniuses trembles at his feet.

The Great Ruler

Motion Magic
52 episodes · TV Ongoing 大主宰年番

In the boundless universe, clans and lords from numerous planes live and assemble. The Heavenly Sovereigns appear one by one from the Lower Planes, displaying a legend that others would desire as they pursue to become a ruler in this endless world. In the Northern Spiritual Realm, Liu Territory and Mu Territory go against with each other. Liu Jingtian, the master of Liu Territory, is secretly planning a huge conspiracy. Mu Chen, the young master of Mu Territory, falls in love with Luo Li in the Spiritual Road, but then is expelled out of the Road because of the Blood Calamity. He promises Luo Li to meet her again in the Five Great Academies. Thus, bearing the future of Mu Territory and his promise to Luo Li, Mu Chen steps into his road of being the Great Lord…

The Legend of Yang Chen

Ruo Hong Culture
40 episodes · TV Ongoing 九辰风云录

The grandson of the Patriarch of the Yang Mansion, Yang Chen, was ridiculed by the people in the mansion because he had not awakened his Dao Soul for a long time. In desperation, he breaks through himself to awaken the Dao Soul and Qi Ling Huangyu, and realizes that the crowd headed by his uncle is forcing Grandpa to give up the position of Patriarch. After that, Yang Chen decided to improve his strength to protect his family, and went to Youyun Mountain alone to find medicine. In the end, everyone’s conspiracy was broken and the position of Patriarch was kept.

The Ravages of Time

LX Animation Studio
26 episodes · ONA Ongoing 火鳳燎原

During the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Dong Zhuo overthrew the government, kidnapped the emperor to command the princes, and held the princes’ relatives captive. Following that, Lv Bu’s strategy was for burning Luoyang while luring the Allied forces into the urn. The allied troops devised their own special strategies to free the hostages, amorous characters stepped on stage, and the stage of overlords and heroes is about to start.