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Winter 2022

Busted! Darklord

Wawayu Animation
12 episodes · TV Ongoing 小魔头暴露啦

In order to clear the name of the Demon Clan, its young master, Yu Renjie, came to the Justice Academy to get a Good Human Certificate. He managed to enter the academy by dressing as a girl. In his subsequent schooling days, Yu Renjie must not only hide his demon identity but his gender as well. At the same time, he had to work hard to earn credits so he wouldn’t get expelled. And that was how the “little girl” Yu Renjie started his exciting and nerve-wracking school life.

Dragon's Disciple

Dragon’s Disciple

16 episodes · TV Ongoing 龙蛇演义

The frail boy but with a strong sense of justice, under the guidance of Tang Zichen, a master of Chinese martial arts, embarks on the road of learning traditional martial arts, how to open up and surpass himself. He will experience the spirit of martial arts people who use martial arts to stop the fight and convince people with morality, and also inherit traditional martial arts and promote righteousness


Oriental Creative Color
12 episodes · TV Ongoing 永生之无尽仙途

Since young, lowlife servant Fang Han had held the belief that “it’s better to be a beggar than someone else’s servant.” With this belief in mind, and relying on his own strength, he managed to sweep across the world. With an unyielding spirit, he mastered the art of the divine and forged an eternal body, walking step by step into the realm of the Immortals before finally reaching the pinnacle.

Lord of Planet

60 episodes · TV Ongoing 万域封神

Yun Fei Xue’s father, Yun Tiangang, and his brother, Yun Fei Shan, were tragically assassinated eight years ago during a mission to escort a dragon vein. Only the young Yun Feixue is left in the Yun family’s bloodline, and Yun Feixue is also mysterious. Parasitized by power, that power unexpectedly merged with Yun Feixue, and transformed into a phantom exactly like him. The phantom was parasitized in Yun Feixue’s consciousness, and he was always ready to accumulate power and devour his soul. Yun Feixue, who had just suppressed the phantom in his body, received the sad news of his father and brother’s tragic death. He was idle in the dark, but behind his back he gathered an organization called “Shadow” to secretly investigate the mystery of the year.

The Indomitable

Painted Edge
? episodes · TV Ongoing 千从狩

In this world, there is a group of people who have the word “seal” engraved on their bodies, and they can transform the “seal” into superpowers and cast them through mind power. This ability is called Yanneng, and this group of people is called Yanneng. The only place that can teach this kind of ability knowledge is the Wanxiang Academy City, which has a long history and inherited ancient civilizations. Every year, Wanxiang Academy City will hold exams, recruit potential language teachers to study in the city, and form them into a guard force to maintain world peace – Qian Cong Shou. Although our protagonist Qian Cong is an incompetent Squib with a seal, he also dreams of becoming the strongest Qian Cong Hunter, and for this reason, he enters the academy to study and begins his immortal life.

The Soul Of Soldier Master

Hua Dream
12 episodes · TV Ongoing 兵主奇魂

When Li Shi was born, strange cosmic phenomena occurred and he became a vessel that held the soul fragment of the Master of Weapons. He was hunted by all the clans in the world because of it. Later, he decided to enter a clan to train and find the enemies who tried to kill him and his parents. He accidentally discovered Bai Xiang, a demon tribe formation master from the Hou Clan, who wanted to eat the various tribes of the Mountains and Seas. Ying Gou helped with the test of formation. A conspiracy was about to unfold in the city of Linhai.

The Tale Of The Spirit Stone

The Tale Of The Spirit Stone

40 episodes · TV Ongoing 晶翠仙尊

The second son of the Qiao family, Qiao Sen, after accepting the “Seed of Reiki” ceremony, inspired “Lingzhi” to develop spiritual skills. During this process, Qiao Sen met Tian Biyao, the female pharmacist of the elders of the family, Huo Bingli, a young killer of the Black Dragon Society, and Feng Wuyang, the eldest lady of the Feng family. At the same time, Qiao Sen collected spiritual stones, opened up spiritual veins, expanded more spiritual plants, showed his extraordinary potential, and became a patrol of the six gates of Jianshan City. After experiencing life and death together, Qiao Sen and Tian Biyao exchanged secrets to help Bing Li regain his life and escape from the Black Dragon Club, which attracted Feng Wuyang’s attention. For this reason, he has fought against the killers of the Black Dragon Society many times, and has seen the domineering and domineering of the major sects such as the Evil Supreme Sect, even the low-level disciples. As a secret patrolman, Qiao Sen quickly accumulated spirit stones, increased his training speed, and enchanted more spirit plants. At this time, the aptitude shown by Qiao Sen attracted the attention of the mysterious forces. The monks of the King Kong Temple came to the door, and the Taoists of Zhenwu Sect invited them. Dahetian, Xue Daomen and other evil sects also came. Qiao Sen then learned that the Black Spirit Seed and the ancient lost faction “Shangqing”, and that the evil force Black Dragon would want to get the treasure and dominate the world. In the pursuit of clues, Qiao Sen and Bingli fought side by side many times, from enemy to friend to lover. At the same time, Qiao Sen felt that Tian Biyao, who took care of him like a sister, was also secretly in love. To this end, the three of them embarked on a journey to prevent the black dragon from obtaining the Shangqing Xianmen ruins and dominate the world.

Zhu Tian Ji

2:10 Animation
26 episodes · TV Ongoing 诸天纪

Legend has it that whenever Heiyuan appears in the world, there will be a catastrophe of the heavens that destroys the heavens and the world and restarts the universe. The young Lin Fei was unable to practice due to the defect of the muscles and veins. He relied on the cleverness to eat and wait for his death. Until the catastrophe came, his teacher and his best friend died in the Heiyuan, and he regretted the wasted time. He went through danger and found a new way, learned the ancient art of refining tools to avenge his master’s sect, and perished with the devil Yuanhuang. Unexpectedly, because of the interference of the mysterious power, he was reborn in the new era of restart. In order to protect Wen Jian Sect, which was passed down by mysterious people from the catastrophe, and so that the same tragedy would not happen again, Lin Fei decided to start from a marginal disciple, cultivate the way of swords, gather the power of heroes, and break the catastrophe of heaven. Continued Civilization Tinder.