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Winter 2023

Against the Gods

Energy Studio, Foch Films
30 episodes · ONA Ongoing 逆天邪神

In the Cangyun Continent, the Medicine Sage Yun Gu was brutally murdered due to possessing one of the Seven Heavenly Treasures, the Sky Poison Pearl, which made it the object of desire for the entire realm. Yun Che, his disciple, carried the treasure to seek revenge for his master and caused boundless bloodshed in the process. Eventually, he was cornered by formidable foes at the Desolate Sky Cliff. Unyielding, Yun Che swallowed the poison pearl and leaped off the cliff to his death. However, guided by an unknown power, his consciousness traversed time and space, awakening in the body of a young boy named Xiao Che in the Flowing Cloud City of the Tianxuan Continent. Xiao Che was born with damaged profound veins, rendering him unable to cultivate profound energy. He was widely ridiculed as a renowned waste within Flowing Cloud City. Due to a pact between their parents, he unexpectedly married Xia Qingyue, the most beautiful woman in the city and a disciple of the Ice Wind Immortal Palace. Jealousy consumed Xiao Yulong, a member of the same clan, and on Xiao Che’s wedding day, he attempted to poison him. However, thanks to Yun Che’s time-traveling experience, Xiao Che managed to survive, merging the experiences of two lifetimes into one. Through a series of fortunate events, he also harbored the soul of the enigmatic and extraordinarily gifted girl, Jasmine, who resided within the Sky Poison Pearl. From then on, he embarked on a bizarre and unpredictable path filled with extraordinary challenges.

Big Brother

Sparkly Key Animation Studio
13 episodes · TV Ongoing 我师兄实在太稳健了

After being reborn in ancient times before the Great God-Conferment War, Li Changshou became a small cultivator.
To survive in the cruel Primordial Times, Li Changshou tries hard not to accumulate any karma. He always plans thoroughly before doing anything and never allows himself to walk into dangerous situations. He hides his trump cards well, trains himself in escape techniques, refines poisonous pills, and masters mystical abilities.
Li Changshou originally planned to remain hidden and safe in the mountain until his ascension to immortality. However, everything changed one year when his master brought home a junior sister…

Dimensional Lord

Elite Animation
26 episodes · TV Ongoing 维将

In the vast universe, human beings’ understanding of dimensions is still very limited, and there are other high-level dimensional worlds beyond the known dimensions of human beings. In the quality dimension, the dark dimension camp wants to invade more dimensional space and expand its territory, while the light dimension is guarding other dimensions and fighting them. On their final battlefield Earth, Light Dimension reduced itself and Dark Dimension to a flat surface. Dimensional Spirit of the two camps also stayed on Earth. Only a few human beings with the power to unseal the dimension can change Dimensional Spirit from a card to a three-dimensional one. They are called “Dimensional Lord”.

Glorious Revenge of Ye Feng

40 episodes · ONA Ongoing 独步万古

Dan Dao genius Ye Feng, betrayed and ambushed during his breakthrough beyond the constraints of heaven and earth, finds himself transported 500 years into the future. Driven by vengeance, Ye Feng embarks on the path of cultivation once again, tirelessly advancing his skills while unraveling the mysteries of the heavenly way. With astonishing effort and innate talent, he becomes renowned across the Nine Continents, walking among the heavens. This is the epic tale of an extraordinary emperor filled with passion and bloodshed.

I Picked Up Lots of Attributes

Shanghai Foch Film and TV Culture Investment
16 episodes · TV Ongoing 我捡起了一地属性

The game strategy, known as the liver Emperor, takes the protagonist Fengxia through a world of cultivating immortals with declining aura. Relying on the attributes and abilities brought by the crossing, golden fingers and the strategic experience cultivated in the game, he defeated countless powerful enemies along the way and gained countless skills. He first solved the internal and external troubles of Qianqiu Valley and defeated the Xuanwu Kingdom that came to provoke; then, at the request of the Xuanwu Emperor, he resolved the human crisis and defeated the demon son, thus saving the human race from the persecution of the demon race, and restored the heaven and earth aura of the Xuanyuan World.

My Cat Hates Me

? episodes · TV Ongoing 关喵什么事

A young manga artist whose inspiration gradually runs out on the road to creation accidentally adopts two pets when he goes out to find inspiration. The cat is named Supremo(Wu Huang), and the dog is named Bazahei. Although the two little guys often brought a lot of trouble to the teenager, they also gained two pieces of companionship and love at the same time. Although they are a cat and a dog, the teenager knows that they are family. And then, the noisy but warm and happy life of the teenager began.

One Hundred Thousand Years of Qi Refining

160 episodes · TV Ongoing 炼气十万年

One hundred thousand years ago, Tianlan Sect reigned over the cultivation world. All the disciples being geniuses made it invincible. But Xu Yang was an exception. He had been a disciple since the founding of the sect, but he got stuck at the Qi Refining stage. To make a breakthrough and get leveled up as soon as possible, Xu Yang went into seclusion for ten thousand years. When he came out, the cultivation world had already declined. Tian Lan Sect was also about to be extinguished with only three or five disciples left. Xu Yang fought off strong enemies and swore that he would lead the Sect back to the top! As the Sect expands, the truth about Xu Yang’s stagnation in cultivation is revealed step by step. So is a mystery that runs through the three worlds of human, demon and immortal.

Tales of Demons and Gods Season 07

Ruo Hong Culture
52 episodes · TV Ongoing 妖神记 第七季

Season 7 OF Tales of Demons and Gods.

The Flame Imperial Guards

24 episodes · TV Ongoing 赤焰锦衣卫

Chi Yan Jin Yiwei Qin Hu and his companions believe in “the emperor guards the country, the brocade guards the country, the chivalrous bones hide the rivers and lakes, and a hundred deaths will not leave a name”, and they bravely fight against the rebel forces to protect the country and the country. It not only has the sense of responsibility of Jin Yiwei to protect the peace of the country but also has the chivalrous heart of the sons and daughters of the rivers and lakes. Qin Hu, who has always been unruly and unruly…

Thirty-six Cavalry

CG Year
13 episodes · ONA Ongoing 三十六骑

During the reign of Emperor Hanming, the siblings Ban Chao and Ban Zhao went to Luoyang due to their elder brother taking the blame for their father’s actions. There, Ban Chao cleverly saved his brother and caused a disturbance at the Youyetai. Eventually, they received the Han Emperor’s bronze Yan seal to prepare for a mission to the Western Regions. Ban Chao gathered talented individuals to form a team for the journey west and joined forces with General Dou Gu in the Battle of Yiwu. Afterward, the Thirty-Six Cavalry separated from Dou Gu’s army at Yiwu, with the main Han forces heading north to attack cities and break through fortifications, while the Thirty-Six Cavalry went south to engage in diplomatic relations and plots with other factions…

What’s Wrong With My Big Brother Season 03

Magilm Pictures
13 episodes · TV Ongoing 我家大师兄有点靠谱

Third season of Wo Jia Da Shixiong Naozi You Keng.

Yao Chinese Folktales

Shanghai Foch Film and TV Culture Investment
8 episodes · TV Ongoing 中国奇谭

A collection of 8 short movies about Chinese folklore “monsters”.